Dear Leri,

Thanks so much for the beautiful wedding cake. We loved it! and it tasted as good as it looked!

Many Thanks,

Mandy Borelli & Joe Collingwood

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I have been witness to this fine pastery master for 30 Years!! From Christmas Ginger Bread Houses to (Bon Jovi ) Birthday Cakes to little Decorated Cookies. Leri is a one of a kind person and pastery chef.
The taste of his cakes can only be described as... Marvelous, Mouthwatering Masterpieces!!!
Anyone that purchases a cake from Leri for their wedding or important occasion will be installing a very cherished memory in their wedding or party Scrapbook!!!
Congratulations Leri on 30 Years of Perfection!!!!


It's about time Mr G! I KNOW your cakes taste as good as they look, 'cause I worked with you, paesan. You must include a picture of yourself at work.....Personalize the photos and the text, with a face. Then folks will instantly associate the two.....Good luck my friend, Ando.